Root Canal Treatment

Save your teeth!

When a tooth has a deep cavity, bacteria infect the nerve and the pulp. Sometimes, a painful infection spreads to the tooth’s root, creating an abscess. Root canal procedures are performed to prevent tooth loss when the tooth’s nerve becomes infected, or the pulp becomes damaged.

The damaged nerve and pulp are removed, cleaned, sealed, and a special dental filling is placed in the tooth. Then, a dental crown is placed on the tooth to provide strength and support.

Dr. Andrea Diamond’s root canal procedure is comfortable and relaxing. We recommend that our patients visit us every 3-6 months for a complete dental examination to help detect dental problems early. 

Advantages of root canal

Eliminates a potentially dangerous source of infection

Relieves pain

A tooth can be save rather than extracted

Less expensive than replacing a loss tooth

Save your teeth

Don't wait until it hurts!

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